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by Grace Ho, one of the most celebrated Feng Shui authors in Japan, and a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

Feng Shui is an ancient trend catapulting into the modern world, as all over the globe, people are realizing that you can use Feng Shui to bring in more money, find your perfect spouse and attract fantastic work opportunities.

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is not only about moving furniture and re-arranging spaces! Feng Shui is about shifting your home, mind and energy to program your life for serious abundance everywhere.

In the west we usually think wealth equals money, but in the East, it is recognized that true wealth permeates every aspect of your life. True wealth means having balance in your energy field, both inside and out, so all aspects of your life are prosperous.

True wealth is having your emotions, your home, your finances, your relationships, and your career in harmony so you can prosper. The study of how to achieve that harmony is Feng Shui.

True wealth is a flow of what comes into your life, as well as what goes out of it. To be blocked anywhere in your life is to prevent yourself from flourishing, from being truly wealthy. Feng Shui is what keeps the energy flowing.

It is neither religion, nor fortune-telling. It is a secret code to program your mind for prosperity!

Good Feng Shui actually programs your mind for success. Feng Shui helps you clear your mind for better decision-making. It also programs you to become victorious and prosperous.

In ancient China and Japan, the Emperors and Shoguns had their own Feng Shui masters who help them to gain the power and wealth. 

The ancient Feng Shui masters were highly educated. Their studies included philosophy, geography, architecture, civil engineering, metrology, literature, astrology, human behavior and psychology, numerology, and even war tactics.

Great Feng Shui masters were treated as national security, because the enemy may steal the knowledge and use it to attack the country.

Only now are those once highly guarded secrets of Feng Shui available for anyone to use!

In Feng Shui, people are born into eight types. The author, Grace Ho, call’s these types “Fortune Stars,” because understanding your personal type can shift your mind and energy, thus, bring you fortune.

These Fortune Stars are similar to Horoscope Signs. In Horoscope, you have 12 kinds of Birth Signs, like Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and so on. In Feng Shui, you have eight kinds of Fortune Stars for people and building, and nine time cycles. For the purpose of Feng Shui for Relationships, you first need to find your Fortune Star based on your birth date and gender. There is an appendix at the back of the book to help you.

When you identify the Fortune Stars of yourself and your lover, your boss and your friends, you will understand how you fit together, and what to do to create more harmony in your relationships.

Feng Shui can strengthen your vitality.

This means your physical wellness, emotional wellness, and financial wellness all improve.

There are three ways to utilize your favorable Chi energy for wellness:

1. Clearing your mind
2. A good night’s sleep
3. Strengthening your focus

Good Feng Shui can program your mind for victory by helping you obtain these basic fundamentals for your body to function at an optimal level.

Clarity can be achieved by getting rid of clutter in your space, as well as your mind. Getting rid of clutter in your physical space and getting your space organized is a good purposeful activity to clean up both your physical space and your mind. And it will give you instant gratification. When you do this, you shift any negativity towards positive outcomes.

In this way, your good Chi energy can flow freely, without stagnation.

You will start appreciating the power of Feng Shui as your business grows bigger.

Material abundance is simply an end-result of what you believe about yourself. Your mind and thoughts are intangible, and they become your tangible reality.

You literally become exactly the thoughts and feelings you feed into your mind. Your unconscious thinking habits and feeling becomes YOU.
How do you Feng Shui your mind for success? There are a number of ways to shift your mind and mental attitudes for career success.

One of the easiest ways to program your mind for success
is by pretending and believing until pretending
becomes your reality.

“Imagine that you have already become what you want to be, e.g., a Hollywood movie star, a Fortune 500 CEO, a world class artist, a renowned
scholar and researcher, a happy and healthy retiree, etc…

“Whatever your heart desires, think about what they wear and how they dress. This is the exact professional image your clients will receive from you, and you create it by owning the idea of it.

“Imagine you are to have an open heart surgery, and your cardiologist shows up, dressed like a bum. And he tells you with shivering voice, “This is my first surgery, you know. I don’t know if I can do it right, but I will try my best…” How would you feel? You would probably run away from him and look for a more confident professional with good reputation and track record.

“Pay close attention to your voice, attire, posture, facial expression, and body language. They are manifestation of your mind and self-esteem. When you have high self-esteem, you will attract abundance. Money flows to confident people. And the way you dress reflects the level of your self-confidence.

“So, go through your closet, and keep what fits your dream, and discard what doesn’t. You might even want to go out and buy and wear what you imagined. This is the way Feng Shui can program your mind for success, by pretending and believing.

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Having recently read Grace Ho's new book, One Minute Feng Shui for Prosperity, was a real joy and pleasure. Grace has a way of making the complex simple and getting right to the point. I learned a lot about Feng Shui and am applying it in my life now. I was so impressed with this book that I want to share it with friends and loved ones, so I bought a kindle copy as well as the hard copy I first read, so that I can have a copy with me at all times. I highly recommend this book to anyone that would like to learn to use Feng Shui in their daily life... This is a book well worth reading and implementing in your life.”  ~ Richard Neves

What a beautiful book by a beautiful person. Grace not only personifies what she has written, but is very knowledgeable about that which she writes. This book is easy to read, full of practical applications, and will simply make your life better." ~ B.Tancredi

Grace Ho presents easy understandable ways of applying and living with Feng Shui. Applying these principles to your life creates an open channel for all facets of one's life: prosperity in health, happiness, peace, relationships, business and life as a whole. You WILL love it while you learn from it. I would so recommend this book to any and ALL who would choose to better their life. What a marvelous gift it was to me. As well a great gift to yourself or to others." — Joanne Couch 

"As the title suggests, "One Minute Feng Shui for Prosperity" by Grace Ho, is a great reference book for a busy businessman like me. This book gives me a good understanding about Feng Shui principles and practical application to everyday life and career... Grace Ho's rich personal experience and knowledge about Feng Shui principles have convinced me that you must have a balanced life, in love, health, and prosperity. I strongly recommend this book to all the business people, especially those of you who are expanding your career opportunities and fulfillment in an international setting.”  — Michael Smith


Author Grace Ho is a motivational speaker and a Feng Shui expert. She has published seven books in Japan in self-fulfillment with Feng Shui philosophy and positive thinking. Her book made #1 on Amazon in Japan.